Friday, December 07, 2012


Quoting Winston Churchill,
“Bitter moments between two possibilities, between two futures, between light and darkness. This warrior did not falter, did not fear, and so he vowed: his country will fight at sea, in the air, on the beaches and even on the streets itself. Even starved and subjugated, his country would never surrender"

 Wow ! That must be one tall order just to win additonal votes in the coming GE13. The colossal amount of money &; time to be spent  and the massive deployment of manpower. Khairy should just forget the whole thing pick up his phone and call : 0162928131  THAM THAMSARAK aka ABU THAM a tshirt printer cum peddlar

From the successful printing and sales of BERSIH tshirts, LYANAS tshirts and the massi ve crowds at those successful rallies and also other printing like ABU tshirts he made a tidy pile (plus  afleecing /running away with monies of his peers who are also tshirts peddlars).with very much less resources like in Churchill's strategy.  So Khairy J. what are you talking about this coming grand GE13 preparations. 
OK Khairy is not so dumb or poor as to follow the below

My coversations with him to recover my money for 100 tshirts since his earlier 1st and 2nd printing is only 10% in colour and cannot be marketed at all and the third printing of 60% colour showed that  Tham Thamsarak aka Abu Tham has no basic knowledge of printing multi-coloured tshirts (after all his bragging on printing tshirts). I have others who printed print 120%  on all three images above and they were so lovely but I chose Johnny Ong's advise in giving him the business. Copies of these 120 % excellent printed tshirts were shown and given to him (yet to be returned)
  • Conversation started Sunday
  • Benny Loh

    When I propose to return the balance of the three hunderd tshirst which in the first place (it was YOUR mistake). You said you didn' t FORCE me to take. This tshirts printing was lousy (60% colour)
    The first two images of 100 tshirts were returned to you as the images of both were only 10% colour. You were FORCING me to print with you . I cannot accept your printing. I wish to have your answer ENcik Abu
  • Monday
  • Tham Thamsarak

    Why after 6-7 months? And moreover the problem now is that u can't sell it and you ask me to take it back, I think is unfair.....we are talkin about the quality now, I been doing for dap, pas and pkr and so far no complaint, please advise, thanks
    Your order was dated 26-3 2012 and now is 3 -12-2012
  • Benny Loh

    I am talking about the order for 100 unit.
    On this 300 units, you make a lot of noise showing your anger that you have the moulding made and I said you come over and I will pay you for the moulding (even though there was a stop order immediately).
    It is only when you came over that you said you ordered and made the printed tshirts and almost crying . I took pity on you because you are johnny's partner and the tshirts are all copyrighted and you cannot sell. This you conveniently forget and you told me on your last meet with me about less than a month ago that You did not FORCE me therefore I am responsible.
    The 100 unit after seeing three image printings 1 image of 50 tshirts and another image of also another 5o tshirts were only 10% colour. (The earlier 300 units which you printed on your own was 60% colour) This 100 trshirts I am talking about now you cannot FORCE me to print with you. Your agreement to pay me 100 unprinted tshirts for $2,000 cannot be acceptable.
    Let's not complicate the 300 units now I am talking about the 100 units which my money is in your hands
  • Benny Loh

    And please do not mention the tshirts you print for others which are good the three different tshirts I still have samples with me . I am talking about the tshirts I am suppose to sell.
  • Tham Thamsarak

    after accepted orders and u can't sell and now u want me to take it back ,i don't think it works and u try to sabotage me on Facebook ,please don't be so childish ,i call u on 23 Oct u never wanted to answer and i send you a message by 9.59am on that day ,asking you to call me but u never ...so what u want me to do ?
  • Benny Loh

    Cut this stuff out , My phone is on silent mode. and 9.59am on 23 Jan you never leave any message. I call you several times but you have black listed my number I think.
    ( The order was stopped but I don't know why you went ahead and print I even offered you the blocks price of $250 which is not my mistake as I already stopped order.) Refer to the earlier messages which is already answered but you chose to repeat. I STOPPED ORDER. it was your mistake in printing and almost crying AND SEEING THAT YOU ARE JOHNNY'S PARTNER I took it. You came to collect the block which is $250 that I was lenient to pay you but you came to tell me your mistake in ordering INSTEAD!!!!
    PLease don't say these 300 tshirts were ordered. Like you said you didn't FOCRE me in accepting so you are not responsible. I have no claims here.
    But the 100 units at $2000 which you collected from me and all the three samples were 10% ,10% and 60 % colour. is enough you cannot FORCE me to have the printing with you. i am still interested to know about the 100 tshirts at this point
    I protected you on facebook by suggesting that you must be heard anyway that post was by Johnny ong. I call you several times but you have black listed my number I think. Is this the issue you want to talk about when I am talking about the 100 tshirts which money is in your hands. I can bring up the shody business you do in YMCA cafe yet I go along with your cash demands etc but you mentioned printers (punishing) etc as I only know I am dealing with you
  • Tham Thamsarak

    I never blocked anyone and why should I? U can always call me with another no if u really want, your shirt can be sold is because of your design and your fren Johnny said that u are carried away with your cartoons and don't know wtf you are drawing, he even told me not to give credit to you........ I did offer you 100 t-shirt as a courtesy but u refuse and now after such a long time, now u make issue ...fyi my no is 016-2928131
  • Benny Loh

    November 1st- 2nd week 2012you told me the balance of the 300 tshirts is my responsibility as you did not FORCE me to take. So lets talk about the latest meet.
    The 100tshirts money you collected and the images of the first tshirt and the 2nd image is only about 10% color , who the fu_k can sell this type of tshirt. The 300 tshirt is ony 60% in colour. However I showed you before giving the business as you are Johnny's partner one I printed elsewhere is 120%. That tshirt also you have to return to me. You cannot FORCE me to print with you.

    The 100 tshirt you offer is november 2012 1st-2nd week is it too long a time.
    Why are you going into my work
    1) I am not carried away
    2) If cannot sell why you immediately print three hundred copies which is not my instruction.
    3) what type of printer are you. Don't you have a responsibility towards your client
       You have a sample of the tshirt I made elsewhere I could sell the Tshirt anywhere
    4) How come I have sold half of the tshirt despite the poor printing
    5) You don't know much about your job. I am in sales for 40 years. Whatever you do or say I       know    what you are up to
    6)What is your purpose of calling me childish and bringing these irrelevants

    You offered me 100 unprinted tshirt at $2000 that you held on. Why not I do this favour to you I sell you white tshirts 100 pieces at $2000?
    I still want to hear about the 100 thirts money. You cannot Force me to print from you again.

    You have blacklisted my mobile phone and when I used my house line I could get you. What does it prove by printing your number here. I also give you my number 0163302121. What do I prove here? I say your phone cannot be reach before, you have blacklisted my number earlier and when I called from my house you immediately pick up. I don't think you are keen about my number as well as I am on your number.

    Let's not beat about the bush
    I still want to hear about the 100thirts money.You cannot Force me.
  • Tham Thamsarak

    No point of bullshit or arguing here, u can meet me anytime u want, u ask me to print and I ask u if u need sample before I proceed and u said no need and now talk noncense, stop all this and meet up if u want, thats it
  • Benny Loh

    You brought the samples in your printout. I seen the sample in the paper for the 1st Image of 50 tshirts and the sample for2nd image all in papers I said yes. go ahead. But your tshirts are all 10 %. You are the greatest bullshitter! I want to know about the money $2,000
  • Tham Thamsarak

    Go for court order and fight for this case, no point blaming each other, I am willing to pay u full price if I found myself default, let the lawyer judge and I am willing to pay the fee
  • Benny Loh

    Ok it 's settled You are not paying. SeE you talk cock with my money you are holding. Your shoddy work of collecting my money in YMCA and no receipt but some in checks. You take me to court first for wanting to pay me 600 tshirts at $2000, if you win I am willing to take if you win.
  • Tham Thamsarak

    Lets make a appointment, hope to hear from you
  • Benny Loh

    Appointment for whst, ? To talk cock or what. You be specific I'll be there
  • Tham Thamsarak

    Go to lawyer office and settle it, don't blame be as a gentlemen
  • Benny Loh

    Johnny Ong
    Ask him (Tham) to fuck off. Simply creating story to create fiction between us, Benny. I did mention to him be careful because of the 4 colors printing and do thing properly. I told to him not to rush the job if he can't handle it. Bloody asshole guy!!

    Benny Loh
    Ha Ha you sure a popular
  • Tham Thamsarak

    Seems that u are running awaiy, too busy for nothing
  • Benny Loh

    I was busy for the mony you collected from me. You really have ambitions to be popular.

    My God this guy is really focussed to succeed! Making use of his partner to access the partner's contact and cheating his partner of ALL the money , using his vehicle for transportation (and also others damaged vehicles upon return) cheating so many of his peers as shown in earlier posts. Finally to get big orders from PKR, DAP & PAS for  1-colour tshirts.We all know what a 'pariah' is but this guy is the LOWEST class of pariah. He got the cheek to talk about meeting solicitors for a decision!
    I wonder if he has a licence to print under his name, if he has I will cut my ear and jump into Pahang River too!

    The officers from JABATAN HASIL DALAM NEGERI OR THE INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA should come after this guy. Have you seen those rally crowds and this guy is dealing with so much tshirts. These are  crowds like 350,000!


depressed said...

Yes,tham sarak is a bad guy. I kena too.

depressed said...

I am his landlord. Long story. He is a terrible. My nightmare started since the day i rented out my shophouse to him. He lie a lot. Always find ways to rip me off as much as possible. I am suing him for court order and rents that he owe me. Because of him, i and my family suffering s lots. Especially my husband, my baby,and my old parent. Also, my health condition deterioting because of him. So many sleepless nights he brought me. I pray hard to god he will recieve all effects for the karma he caused. He is an evil man with foul heart.

bennyloh said...

Shit has hit this guy, Abu Tham now, just recieved this :

Hi benny

How r u getting on?

Jz for yr info.....my friend has already kicked ABU Tham out.....

ABU Tham now in deep shit with debts....even owe banglas RM30k


bennyloh said...

Another shit hit Abu Tham, the world is small lah, Don't screw people around, encik Abu Tham

To Benny,
Yup.....he screwed his best friend's wife until they divorced 2 mths back

Benny Loh
12/4, 11:29pm

Benny Loh

He got a best friend?

depressed said...

Hi, Benny, thanks for your information. He is so awful. I wonder his wife knows about his mess with his friend's wife.

depressed said...

Hi Benny,

Thanks for your information. He is so awful.... He will tear down his own family.

depressed said...

Abu thsm finally give back my shoplot on 10-12-13. But still refused to pay rents due for 2 months and utility due. He didnt appeared for hearing in court on 19.12.13. Guess i should have won a judgement. But dont think he will pay back what he owe. Will go for further legal action until he pays. Let the court deals with him, and he will end up paying more inclusive those expensive legal fee.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God!!! Only if I know of this article earlier. That bastard Tham is really a Con-man. Cheated me 24K of goods. He went around showing my partner and me his factory and offices, but infact all the machineries and shops don’t even belong to him, not even 1 % belong to him. He bragged about his company’s successes, puiiii!!! Shameless..using others back side as his own face. And oh my..he whacked his best friend’s wife behind the friend’s back. What a scumbag. He tells me that his ex-partners double crosses him and how he suffer, well I think he is the one who double cross everyone and con everyone. He will show you that he’s cash rich and pay everything with cash. I think he don’t even have a bank account. He might be a bankrupt or backlisted.
In the office he will Fu*k everyone to their past 3 generation ancestors as if his staffs (or some one’s staff) has no parents. Shame on him to use these kind of foul languages in open environment. But the best things is these workers allowed him to be scolded in foul languages. Oh..saw the women that he sleep with in his office. Wow..she really got voice. She would scold at her loud voice at every instance that allow, regardless if you are on the phone or talking to others. It was a sight to experience, just like a wet market. Didn’t know she was someone wife. Bad for her.
Well if anyone see this THAM please avoid at all COST. Biggest conman. Took my money but never deliver the goods until today. Pass this message and his pix to as many person as you can especially in this t-shirt industry so less people suffer or being con by this GUY.

johnny ong said...

Sorry to hear that. Big time CON MAN. Pls avoid at all costs!

depressed said...

You are so right. Tham is big con men. If not i gave him court summon. He wouldnt have give back my property. I was totally ignoredfirst. Only picking up my husband call after hannah yeoh stepped in as he always brag how close relationship he is with hannah and anwar. Anwar like his father. He agreed to move out in 2 weeks. After 2 weeks still nothing happen to him. He told my husband he need to "slowly slowly move out". Cant said a confirmed date. I know his pattern. So i gave him court summon and set a time, asked him slowly slowly talk to judge. Then only within 2 weeks i have my key back.

Bennyloh said...

Abu Tham moves around with and make use of Johnny ong & co to get to pose in photos with guys like Hannah, Anwar and even CM LGE. He makes all sorts of close relationship claim with them.Pariah con-man!

johnny ong said...

This is what I thought of this cunning conman tricks was true after all. He only takes pics with VVIP and makes use of them. Created a bad names for PR. This guy is shameless.