Monday, February 02, 2009


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bennyloh said...

Blogger Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

First there was IPCMC with royal consent,
and then no news of it.

2nd. There was the second bridge to Sinkapore, and then no news of it.

3rd .There was VK Lingam video and then it is all silent

4th .There was bottles and bottles of the indelible ink and the polis created an incredible story to vanish usages of the ink.

5th. There use to be hundreds of thousands of illegal imigrants running high and low in Sabah and now they all obtained PR and working permits all within 90 days.

6th . All round of AYE to the anti hopping bill and now it is axed just to allow 2 to hops into bn.

7th . Round of AYE for airasia labu-labi airport came to a resounding NAY.

8th .Round of AYE for Slimy Dopey to buys IJN came to a NAY upon backlashes from bloggers ( somebody did said that bloggers are housewife and the unemployable)

9th .Went to meet Mr.Bush and had dinner without inquiring the 2 rakyat held inside Gitmo

P.Lah is really a professional flipper.Flips and flops for 6 years!And may dozes past March without knowing it.

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