Friday, July 04, 2008


Zawi said...

I think its the best time for him to make a killing unless he gets killed in the process. In Bolehland nothing is impossible.

Mr. Avid Golfer said...

Eh Ben, nice picture. Can I use it on my blog. Balasubramaniam looks nice in his new suit and Anwar Ibrahim looks fat and have grey hairs. I presume it is Anwar Ibrahim because he is singing US Dollars.

AG (Avid Golfer)

bennyloh said...

Mr avid golfer,
Yes you may for this one. Your guess, you miss by a mile. No I won't mention names in my cartoon blog here and usually I do not publish poster's comment naming names.

tuabak said...

you need not have to mention the name..it is so obvious. i know who the guy with the red face is and i can't be wrong..ha ha.