Friday, June 27, 2008



Zawi said...

Benny, Very similar to the picture of the Bernas Man kissing the hands of the DPM.

Anonymous said...

Why do you insult Matthias Chang?

What he posted on M2day is real...

And his warning are very real problems we might face in the near future

many economist have forsaw the financial crisis. But many refuse to believe such atrocities could happen.

Now that it has... it shows us that modern economics taught in universities like harvard and yale are bullshit. (it couldnt even forsee this crisis coming, greenspan was saying it was not his fault)

We should all take heed of his warning and not expect green shoots.

watchman said...

the problem with this Matthias "conspiracy kook" Chang is not that the issue he brought are totally without merit. it is that is much of the problem he raised about post-Mahathir Msian governments were already there when Mahathir was in power but he ONLY raised them after Mahathir is no longer in power. He never has the guts to fault his master for anything and he has zero credibility to smear shit on others. and his manic trumpeting of his master's favourite topic about the Jews being in control of the world and his expressed belief in the authenticity of hack job PROTOCOL OF THE ELDERS OF ZION only underlined his brainwashed servile ignorance and his inability to process information.

Matthias Chang said...


You produce such nice handcrafts.

The question is why is that u like to take issue with people who are known to have positive impact on Malaysia.

I bet that they've never known you personally. what more to cause you direct harm physically and emotionally.

All the best to you...

Anonymous said...

Actually the fact is that Jews(not all just as in Malaysia some malays control the government while the rest is just ppl like us) control a big part of the world (america which so happens to also be the police of the world)

Even in the last election, both candidates(Obama and Mccain) have to be supported by the jew party in order to win. This is fact not rumor....(no candidate that dont have the jews party ever won thats y even when obama reach out to the muslim he says he will never waiver his support for isreal)

But the US dollar is now under heavy fire. Most ppl say what matthias chang say is bullshit but then they must be very ignorant.

My guess is China must be furious after the Chinalco deal...and may want to start diversifiying...this may not seem important but in fact if china diversify.. the us dollarwill see extremely high inflation and since our currency is more or less peg to the US dollar (unless bank negara decide to pursue a different course) if we are not prepared we might get afflicted too.

Mahathir is not a saint but he is not stupid either. Go to his website chedet.co.cc and see the right hand corner. He wants to reintroduce the dinar...I think he is smart because even china is following this policy..(china increase gold holding by 40%)

bennyloh said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you insult Matthias Chang?

Have I?

Anonymous said...

I assumed (it was matthias in the picture) since the picture was the first comment on m2day. (and the sender is benny loh)

If its not you or the picture is not him I retract my statement and am deeply sorry for accusing you. But mostly I said the things I said in the last 2 statement because on m2day ppl were hurling insulting remarks at him and since I do not have an account I cant say anything there.

However, I believe that we should judge a man by his deeds. Matthias has tried to educate Malaysians on what is really going on in the economy and it would be a deep shame if people just throw insulting remarks at him without considering the validity of his points.

I do not really know Matthias personally but if this man takes the time to try to educate malaysian readers for FREE I think he should be applauded not insulted.

We should be logically debating the validity of his points and not hurl insulting remarks at him when he has done something good.

The past is the past. We cannot change the past but we can shape the future. The past is for learning, sadly most people dont learn from the past. (as can be seen from the financial crisis, because it happen b4 on 1930 GREAT DEPRESSION, 1970s i think during the lost decade, japan, etc.)

If we are to move forward, we must use rationalising and not emotion. Otherwise we will stay where we always are.

We all heard what happen during the great depression although most of us never lived through it. But what you hear wbout the great depression is what the media tells you. You think malaysia media is full of propaganda, but international media too is fill with it.

The great depression was cause by a bubble and lasted until the end of world war 2. The reason it lasted so long is because of policies like Obama is implementing right now. (the same economist say it will cure the economy and whatever but they were wrong. They were wrong about the financial crisis, wrong about world war 2 (they said the economy will collapse because no stimulus), wrong about 1970 when US went off the gold standard). Yet you still listen to them.

Matthias comes with a new perspective. A more practical perspective.

Btw there are 2 school of economic I know about. keynesian (which Harvard, Yale and most unis use) teaches that when a recession comes you should ease. AND austrian school of economics (which I have no idea which uni use it but the predicted the financial crisis and like Matthias predict the downfall of the dollar) which believe that we should not stimulate but allow the banks to go bankrupt so better banks can come up.

These are 2 different ideologies, Keynes(mainstream economics)and Mises (austrian economics). But we follow Keynes today because it gives the government(malaysia included) power (nothing to do with credibility) to create money and spend which in turn encourages corruption.

Only if malaysians wake up to this reality can we truly eliminate corruption.

We can talk about problems all we want but the reality is we need solutions.

Most blogs go nowhere because all they talk about is the problem (everybody has problems) but nobody seem to come out with an intelligent solution.

If you ask me, I believe the solution is limited government, since the government(most government are but you just dont know it) is corrupt so we should limit its power.

It worked for USA for years (check out what the republican party motto was), before 1920s it was the envy of the world because it has the highest wages not now though, and I am sure it will work for malaysia.

If you ever heard of this presidential candidate named RON PAUL his blog http://www.campaignforliberty.com/
explains most of what I said but in context of the US.

If you dont think it will work, please argue using logic (dont hurl racial remarks about malay, chinese and indians for the sake of insulting other ppl) or if you think there is a better way, I would like to hear it.

It would be good to hear a solution for a change

Anonymous said...

Wow..im starting to think "Anonymous" is Matthias Chang..lol..nice try sonny...