Sunday, May 20, 2007

All Blogs Meet


A Voice (of Another Brick in the Wall) said...

You miss one more chap, the one with the tongkat.

Hi Benny, will greet each other next time around.


Hi Benny, the guy with the tongkat aint that big but yes you would still hve to move your chair for him to pass, too.

bennyloh said...

Okay, next time I'll avoid sitting near hotspot areas.

Aishah said...

What do you expect? Malaysians and their bad habit of never punctual, 8 plus 1, peopled rambled more than 3 minutes each and after 2 1/2 hours, of course everyone was hungry.

Lucky thing it was a blogger thingy and everyone single one is so polite. Had it been a lumberjacks' convention, definitely there would be a riot for food.

The organisers should not let more than 3 people speak in a dinner-lecture event. Even that, the Chair should be strict with time. 9 people plus Q & A is BLOODY TOO LONG! Even daytime forum is usually 3-4 people panel per session.

Between lunch and dinner is the longest conscious time to be without food. That, the organisers to consider also.

shanghaistephen said...

Now I recognise you sitting across Gracie close to the bar..?
Shucks..sorry I did't come over to say hello...always enjoyed a artists' company..will do next time...Anyways great cartoons here and bigdog is looking too slim in this cartoon...ha..ha ! Cheers man !

bennyloh said...

"Now I recognise you sitting across Gracie "
All kinds of everything in here Gracie-very short hair, rocky-long hair, tongkat, the tall lawyer swaying from side to side like a coconut tree, etc. etc. this is the kind of good company I wanna be with. Nice gathering!

"..is looking too slim in this cartoon...ha..ha !"
Did a rush job- the lazy man in me..uses the mouse to draw.

lucia said...

hi. thanks for coming. thanks for supporting us.

links of all those who posted about the event can be found on our official blog (http://bum2007.wordpress.com)

if you know of links that have not been added at the blog, please let us know, and we'll update the list.

bennyloh said...

Hi Lucia,
You were at the registration desk, right? I didn't even say 'hi' to you! So sorry

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

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They eat more than meat
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