The Cartoonist

My name is Benny Loh, a cartoonist since 1970. I was born in the year 1952. I had my early education in an English school, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.

"Gwei Gwi" in cantonese is what fellow blogger Zorro Unmasked described me as. It means ''devilishly naughty". My earlier works were that of the Stock Market happenings. Then I had great passions on Sumo Sports which seems like a lifetime that I had spent cartooning on the Great SumoTournaments.  I had so much of Sumo and there are more and more. It's non-ending.

I couldn't resist joining the fray when the  madness got into these these swine-fevered politicians. They endlessly  hurl insults  at the normally docile minority, I being one, with all kinds of distasteful actions of theirs.
Everyday without fail there are so many nasty incidents intentionally created by them! So you want to be a cartoonist? Plenty for you to draw about here.